Our Story

Muso Makoi was born from a mother-daughter’s vision for health equity in women’s health around the world. Attention to women’s health is needed everywhere and what better way to raise awareness and make an impact than through fashion and storytelling.

Muso Makoi is using their platform to share women’s stories about health and their experiences, so that we can learn from them.

Muso Makoi in the Mandinka language means "support, help, empower women".

Our Vision

  • We envision Muso Makoi as a global brand featuring Sene-Gambian inspired products.
  • Versatile use of our products. From new expectant mothers to student sporting our Muso Makoi totes. 

However our customers use our products, we hope it is a conversation starter on how we can better women's health.

Our Goals
1. Support initiatives that progress women’s health.
2. Share local and global stories about women's health.
3. Deliver beautiful products to our customers and support artisans in Senegal and The Gambia.