Muso Health: Bintou

Muso Health: Bintou

Bintou is a wife, a mother, and a creator. She loves to be a superwoman. She says that everything she does she strives to be the best at it. Despite cooking large family meals all her life, she decided to show the world her skills on Tiktok. "I started Tiktok because I wanted to show the world how I cook my Senegalese and Gambian cuisines. I also am learning from others too! I love to cook, so this does not feel like a burden to me." You can follow Bintou on TikTok ( @bintoukabba).

When asked about women's health, Bintou said, "all women deserve better. All women deserve the best health because we bring life into this world"

"As a mother, I always work hard to provide for my children no matter how tired I get. And because I want to keep giving my children my all, I always take care of myself by doing things that I love. I love to cook, be creative, and go on walks. I always say, before you can respect, care, and love someone else, you must respect, care, and love yourself first."

"Women do not get enough respect. We are human too, and we deserve to do things that make us happy. We need to stay healthy for ourselves. I know I would not be of good help to anyone if I didn't stay healthy."

When asked what else she does for self-care, she said "I like to take care of my skin. My skincare routine is intense. I love being around my children, They are my happiness, so the more time I can spend with them, the better I can raise them to grow up and be successful. I also love talking with other women and mothers. There is a group chat I am a part of called 'Femme de Valeur', meaning women of value in French and I love it. Women have a lot of wisdom to share to uplift one another and it is powerful. I also want to be an inspiration for other women too".

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